Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?2017-12-28T04:49:26+00:00

A new pre-set menu is available to view on the homepage of our website every Monday-Wednesday. Simply use the Order Now button on our homepage or navigate to the Meal Plans tab at the top of our website. Once there, add your desired meal plan to your cart and simply click Checkout to start the secure payment process. Enter in all of the requested information, choose delivery or pick up option and submit to complete your order. Deadline to order is every Wednesday by midnight.

Once your order is complete, leave the rest up to us! All of our food is cooked by health certified employees in our commercial store front. On Saturday, all delivery customers will receive a text notification confirming their delivery time for Sunday. If you are not able to pick-up at our store front or delivery time conflicts with your schedule, we encourage our customers to call us as soon as possible so we can accommodate.

Secure Ordering and Payment Options and Delivery2017-12-28T04:50:08+00:00

Because FitMeals values its customer’s security, payments can be processed through PayPal, the leader in online transactions. For convenience, PayPal does not require you to setup a PayPal account. Secure credit card payments are also accepted at checkout if you prefer not to use PayPal. Currently, all orders can be picked up at our storefront location or delivered to your door in the Jacksonville, FL area only. Curious if we deliver to your area? Feel free to email us at fitmealsprep@gmail.com.

How do I notify you if I have any dietary needs or food allergies?2017-12-28T04:52:04+00:00

If you have any food allergies or specific dietary needs, you can simply leave us a note in the text box on your desired meal plan page then click add to cart to continue moving through the checkout process. If you forget to complete this section, simply email us at fitmealsprep@gmail.com with your allergies or diet requests and we will be happy to accommodate.

How much is the “Make it Pro” option?2018-05-01T14:58:57+00:00

For Weight Loss, Maintain, and Paleo plans it is $25.

For the Bulk and Bulk Paleo plans it is $35.

How do I choose a Single-Order rather than a Subscription?2018-05-01T14:59:25+00:00

Once you click on the “Meal Plans” tab, you will then see two tabs underneath listing Subscription and Single-Order. This is where you will choose what type before selecting your meal plan.

What is the difference between a Subscription and a Single-Order Package?2018-05-01T14:59:47+00:00

A Single-Order Package will be a one-time purchase that you can do on week’s you would like to order. There will be no reoccurring charges.

A Subscription will be a reoccurring charge every Thursday and guarantee meals every Sunday unless otherwise notified of a pause or cancelation. You will also receive an additional 5% off of your meals when signing up on Subscription!

Are you able to select your meals every week on subscription?2018-05-01T15:00:12+00:00

Of course! When you are on subscription, to choose your meals from a new menu you will need to login on the site, select the “My Account” tab, click on the green “Place My Weekly Order” link. A new window will pop up with the current week’s menu items for you to choose from. You will not need to add anything into your cart since your charge is already reoccurring.

If you forget to choose your selections one week, we will select the meals for you based on previous orders. (Ex. If the previous order was 10 entrees and 6 snacks, we will choose 10 entrees and 6 snacks from the new menu).

I’m trying to order but it’s not adding anything to my cart. Am I doing something wrong?2018-05-01T15:00:50+00:00

Try clearing out your cache and browser history then opening a new window to “reboot” the site. If that doesn’t work, give us a call and we can take your order over the phone.

When is the deadline to order?2018-05-01T15:01:11+00:00

You will have until Wednesday at 11:59 pm to place your order for the upcoming Sunday pick-up/delivery day.

How do I know when delivery will occur?2018-05-01T15:01:26+00:00

We will send you a text reminder on Saturday with a two-hour time frame of when your meals will be delivered the following day, Sunday.

What if I will not be home during the delivery time I was notified of?2018-05-01T15:01:39+00:00

If you will not be home during the time frame of delivery, we suggest leaving a cooler out for your meals to be placed in. If not, please notify us immediately so that we can find the best solution and get your food to you in a timely manner.

Are the menus the same every week or do they change?2018-05-01T15:01:53+00:00

Menus change weekly and are usually posted on our website by Thursday morning.

What if I need to cancel or pause my current subscription?2018-05-01T15:02:09+00:00

Give us a call and we will be able to take care of that for you! We do ask that you notify us before the Wednesday deadline so that we can stop any pending charges for that week.

What time is pick-up on Sundays? What if I can’t make it?2018-05-01T15:02:24+00:00

Our pick-up time on Sunday is 8:00 am – 3:00 pm.

If you aren’t able to make it for Sunday pick-up, please let us know so that we can figure out the best time and day for you to pick-up. Our storefront is only open by appointment only.

What if I have an allergy or don’t like a certain vegetable, meat, etc.?2018-05-01T15:02:39+00:00

Be sure to list any dislikes or allergies you may have in our comment box when placing your order. That way we can be sure to keep your meals far, far away from those items.

If I order my meals by the Wednesday deadline, when will they be ready?2018-05-01T15:02:52+00:00

Orders placed Thursday – Wednesday will be prepared fresh and ready for pick-up/delivery the following Sunday.

What does “Make it Pro” mean?2018-05-01T15:49:43+00:00

The “Make it Pro” option will automatically add snacks to your meal plan. This will include 5 wraps and 5 soups/parfaits (snack options change weekly).

NOTE: You are also able to add snacks A La Carte if you do not want to add the Pro option.

Didn’t see an answer to your question? Feel free to contact our team at 904-516-8588! We’re here to help.