Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any food allergies or specific dietary needs, you can simply leave us a note in the text box on your desired meal plan page then click add to cart to continue moving through the checkout process. If you forget to complete this section, simply email us at fitmealsprep@gmail.com with your allergies or diet requests and we will be happy to accommodate.

Before selecting your meals for the week, you will see a drop down on the left side of your screen where you can change between “One-Time Products” and “Weekly Products”.

A One-Time Product will be a one-time purchase that you can do on week’s you would like to
order. There will be no reoccurring charges.

A Weekly Product will be a reoccurring charge every Thursday and guarantee meals every
Sunday unless otherwise notified of a pause or cancellation. You will also receive an additional
discount off of your meals when signing up on subscription!

Of course! When you are on subscription, to choose your meals from a new menu you will
need to login on the site, select “Account”, click on the “Your Subscriptions” box, then on the
blue “Pick New Meals” box. A new window will pop up with the current week’s menu items for
you to choose from. You will not need to add anything into your cart since your charge is
already reoccurring.

If you forget to choose your selections one week, we will select the meals for you based on
previous orders. (Ex. If the previous order was 10 entrees and 6 snacks, we will choose 10
entrees and 6 snacks from the new menu).

Try clearing out your cache and browser history then opening a new window to “reboot” the site.
If that doesn’t work, give us a call and we can take your order over the phone.

We will send you a text reminder on Saturday with a two-hour time frame of when your meals will be delivered the following day, Sunday.

If you will not be home during the time frame of delivery, we suggest leaving a cooler out for your meals to be placed in.
If not, please notify us immediately so that we can find the best solution and get your food to you in a timely manner.