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When you eat a meal, whether it was prepared by someone else or yourself, you can taste how fresh it is. Fresh ingredients make all the difference in flavor, health, and well-being. 

While most people appreciate freshness, only few are aware of the reasons why fresh ingredients matter. Learn why fresh ingredients in meals are superior — and where to get them. 

Fresh Ingredient Meals Are More Nutritious

When choosing between boxed, canned, frozen, and other packaged foods, you might wonder, “Which option is the most nutrient-dense?” There is just one answer: fresh. 

Fresh ingredients have not been processed in any way. This means they come straight from the farms or fields where they were grown. All you have to do is wash them and prepare them. 

Preserving foods through canning or freezing can damage some of the nutrients. This means you get fewer beneficial compounds from your meals. 

If your goal is to eat a diet that is as healthy and nutritious as possible, fresh foods are the way to go. 

Fresh Meals Taste Better — Way Better

Have you ever eaten a meal or snack that didn’t quite hit the spot? Chances are the ingredients were not fresh. 

It’s important to enjoy the foods you’re eating. After all, food is essential to your well-being — including your emotional health and happiness!

Meals with fresh, never-frozen ingredients tend to have more flavonoids, making them taste and feel better in your mouth. 


The most sustainable method of preparing food is using fresh ingredients, preferably from local farmers. 

Canning, freezing, and otherwise processing foods require large factories, which are responsible for a large percentage of the pollution that affects the climate negatively. There are also labor concerns; many factory workers are exploited and underpaid. 

It’s important to consider the environmental and community impacts of what you’re eating. Fresh food from local farmer’s markets and grocery stores usually tastes better and has more nutrients — why not support your community while you eat?

Better Digestion 

Your body can process fresh ingredients more efficiently than processed foods. With fresh-ingredient meals, you’ll also worry less about the stomach pain, bloating, and water retention that come with salty prepackaged foods. 

If you want to go easy on your digestive system, consider switching to fresh ingredients for your meal prep. Your digestive tract will thank you later!

Improved Mood

Many people who eat processed, packaged foods experience poor moods and brain fog. This is backed by science: Researchers have linked preservatives, artificial flavorings, and other additives to poor mental health. 

If you want to maintain the best mood, try using only fresh ingredients for your meals. Notice how much more energy and positivity you experience when you do this. 

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