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You’ve probably heard of meal delivery services like the ones we offer. 

And if you’re like most busy professionals and parents, you’re at least intrigued by the possibilities we offer—more free time, fewer trips to the grocery store, fresh ingredients, and menu options you can customize, all without ever leaving your house.

That’s appealing. 

But if you’re on the budget-conscious end of the spectrum, we can already anticipate your question: Are meal delivery services really more cost-effective than grocery shopping? We’ll tell you below. 

What’s Cheaper? Cooking or Meal Delivery Services? 

On the front end, you may save a little cash by going to the grocery store and cooking. However, the amount you’ll save depends on your diet, ingredient quality, and gas and grocery prices. These numbers will vary widely depending on your situation and location. 

We can tell you from experience that when you do the math, the amount of cash savings you’ll achieve by cooking instead of having meals delivered is negligible. Here’s why. 

Food Waste

While you may save a little cash by grocery shopping, it’s worth reflecting on how much of that food goes to waste.

To put the situation into perspective, consider that Americans waste over 80 million tons of food annually. That’s nearly 150 billion meals and $444 billion in our landfills.

Take a moment to reflect on your habits. How much of your fresh produce gets fully eaten? And what about your leftovers?

The advantage of meal delivery services is that they are perfectly portioned and designed to be enjoyed in a single sitting. That means no leftovers, less chance of food ending up in landfills, and more cash savings. 


For most of us, time isn’t just precious—it’s money.

Cooking a fresh, healthy meal can take between 30 minutes to several hours. In addition to the time you spend in front of the stove, you must also consider the commute and time you spend filling your grocery cart. 

Over a month, that time adds up. Meal delivery services give that time back to you. 

The Stress Factor 

While it’s difficult to price your happiness and mental health, we know from experience that cooking for a family can be a constant source of stress. 

When you choose meal delivery services, you aren’t just paying for food but also investing in peace of mind.

Our approach allows you to customize your meal plan to fit diverse tastes, dietary restrictions, and appetites. That will enable you to focus on enjoying quality time with your loved ones instead of shopping, cooking, and cleaning up. That’s priceless. 

Gas & Vehicle Wear & Tear

It’s also worth considering the cost of gas, the distance you have to travel for regular trips to the supermarket, and general wear and tear on your vehicle. 

While these costs are easy to forget, they will add up over time, eating into the savings you thought you were making by avoiding meal delivery services. 

Start Enjoying Convenient Meal Delivery Services Today

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